Continuing Life - Give Jesse a worthy ending


Continuing Life - Give Jesse a worthy ending

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🎬El Camino- A Breaking Bad movie
🏆IMDB 10/10 🏆Rotten Tomatoes -%
Secret Score: 8⃣/10

"It's best to decide your own life."

💡What kind of people are suitable to watch this movie?
👉Strongly recommended for those who have watched the Breaking Bad series to watch it again
👉You can accept slower-paced movies
👉You are not satisfied with the ending of Breaking Bad?

(But in fact, the whole movie is made for BB fans, so everyone must be able to accept the slow pace and all the elements of Breaking Bad😆)

After successfully escaping, the imprisoned Jesse (played by Aaron Paul) must seriously face his past to determine his future destiny...

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To be honest, it’s really hard to write about Wu Lei, but I’ll try my best to be Wu Lei😲
I think that in order to watch this film, you have to watch all the "Breaking Bad" movies to truly understand what he wants to express.

Just by watching this movie, you can't understand the protagonist's upheaval, nor can you understand the gears involved in the entire environment.The point is: it’s better to finish up the previous chapters of Breaking Bad! ! ! Hahaha

Netflix is thoughtful enough to show a summary of the premise of Breaking Bad at the beginning just in case we forget it all
To put it simply, this one is different from what I imagined😦
We can't incorporate the plots we love so much from "Breaking Bad". "Breaking Bad" won't have a lot of fighting, gore, and drug-making scenes. It will be a bit bland, and ultimately Mainly, I want everyone to see all the things that happened to Jesse after he escaped.

If I say more, it will make me explode. Anyway, I recommend everyone who is a BB fan to read it.
Because I saw the main characters appear before, it was already worth the price~~~

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Breaking Bad-like quality Bring this empire to an end

I really like the pacing, music, and overall tone of "Breaking Bad" as "The Last One" continues. I can completely recall the time I watched "Breaking Bad" at that time, and just hearing the opening song really made me laugh. I got goosebumps right away~~~

In addition, key characters also appeared, which reminded us of the shock we felt for each character at that time. Unfortunately, they did not appear for a lot of time, but it was worth it!

I originally thought that Walter White would not appear, but seeing them walking out of the hotel side by side and sitting with them in the restaurant reminded me of the beautiful relationship between the two of them working together to create drugs in the early days of "Breaking Bad." It really makes people feel nostalgic, and it is also sad that they turned against each other in the later period.

This movie also looks at the end of an era, giving Walter White's last methamphetamine empire a final ending. In my opinion, compared to the ending of the series, the ending of "The Last Man" is more bland and full of hope. .

Walter White once said to Jesse: "You are lucky, you don't have to wait until you are old to do something special." But define special? What's special about Walter White might be making drugs, but what's special about Jesse might be getting a college degree, right?

In the end, Jesse was allowed to start his own life again in Alaska. Fortunately, he was able to decide his own life when it was too late, and he could re-choose the "special thing for himself" that he wanted to do.

Give Jesse a worthy ending

To be honest, I think this time's "The Man Who Continues Life" can be said to be quite bland.
The most important thing is to give Jesse something that I owe him,He deserves an ending.
That's why I said that "The Man Who Remains" doesn't have too many gun battles, drug making, and other scary scenes like those in a TV series.

The movie is also interspersed with many scenes of Jesse being locked up and being tortured. It’s unbearable every time I watch it! But the combination of these montage images and the direction of the story line makes it feel like two parallel time and spaces are telling the same story (for example: after Jesse broke the door and Todd opened the door and came in, I was really scared hahaha)

But in the process of Jesse "starting a new life", I felt that many of his actions were delayed for a very long time.
Some plots feel like they don’t take that long to explain. For example, Jesse's process of finding money was a bit lengthy and boring for me to watch. In fact, this movie just wants to give some viewers "the ending that everyone thinks they should have." To put it bluntly, whether or not this movie exists will not have a big impact on your perception of "Breaking Bad". At most, it is a Closure for Jesse.

I believe that subconsciously there is a part of me that can actually take what the final season of "Breaking Bad" brought us and regard it as the final ending that I like.


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