Introduction to LinkedIn Premium functions|LinkedIn Learning, usage, monthly price, and frequently asked questions about job search revealed

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is currently the largest business social networking site in the world. Currently, many professionals are building connections and looking for new job opportunities on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is basically free to use. Today I want to introduce to you the experience of using the paid version of LinkedIn Premium. What is the cost of LinkedIn Premium? Is LinkedIn Premium worth using? And what are the benefits of using LinkedIn Premium? Let’s keep reading!

What is LinkedIn Premium? How much is it?

The basic functions of LinkedIn are free to use. The paid version of LinkedIn Premium mainly allows you to have more opportunities: not only to increase the chances of being seen by HR, but also to have more opportunities to build connections, and to have more opportunities. Can learn.

The charging method of LinkedIn Premium depends on the account. Currently, the accounts I have seen range from NT$ 850 to NT$1,200/month. If you are interested in using it, you can first read the introduction below and see if you have the need to use it!

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium功能

As mentioned before, the main difference between using LinkedIn Premium and the free version is thatyou have more chances.

I’ll list some of the more useful features of LinkedIn Premium for job seekers:

Who comes to my house

LinkedIn 訪客

Based on 90 days as a benchmark, the free version of LinkedIn can usually see 5-10 profile visitors, but LinkedIn Premium can see all visitors who have viewed your profile within 90 days and classify them according to different types. Things like companies, industries, locations, special visitors, etc.


This is a very practical function for active job seekers. Five InMails can be sent out every month, allowing you to stand out among many messages. InMail is a very convenient tool that allows you to directly send a message to another member on LinkedIn. Whether you want to contact the HR of your dream company or the colleagues of your dream company, there is no problem.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning 領英學習

LinkedIn Learning LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform with a total of more than 16,000 online courses available for everyone to learn. In addition to career courses, you can also learn some software (EX: PowerBI, Python, etc.) teaching courses.

So as long as you have a Premium membership and the courses on this platform are courses you like, you can study on this platform for free every month without having to go to other learning platforms. It seems to be a good choice. !

Comparative report of top candidates

LinkedIn Premium Top applicants

The comparison report of top candidates not only shows which jobs you are suitable for, but also helps you check the comparison report between you and other candidates, as well as your advantages and disadvantages in applying for this job.

This Premium function can see the work experience, degrees and skills of other applicants just like 104, except that 104 can check it for free. If most of the job openings you want are on LinkedIn, you might as well use Premium to find out how you differ from your competitors!

Who is suitable for using the features of LinkedIn Premium?


Based on the above introduction of LinkedIn Premium functions, I think active job seekers and people who are currently considering changing careers can use the functions of LinkedIn Premium.
There are three main reasons for your reference:

  1. LinkedIn Premium allows you to see the difference between you and other competitors, and find out your strengths and weaknesses through the top candidate comparison report
  2. LinkedIn Premium can give you more opportunities to reach out to the connections of your dream company, allowing you to have a deeper understanding of whether this position is what you really want, and to understand the comprehensiveness from different angles.
  3. LinkedIn Premium's LinkedIn Learning has many, many courses, not only hard skills courses, but also soft skills such as negotiation courses, leadership strategies, cross-project team management, etc., for those who have a specific job search direction in the future. Very helpful!

But I strongly recommend that you try LinkedIn Premium for free for 30 days. If you think it is helpful, there is no rush to subscribe. If you have other LinkedIn Premium features that you find interesting and useful, please share them with me!


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LinkedIn Profile

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