"Corpse Train: Infected Peninsula"|There is no clear explanation of the world view, and it falls short of the level of the first episode


"Corpse Train: Infected Peninsula"|There is no clear explanation of the world view, and it falls short of the level of the first episode

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🎬Corpse Train: Infected Peninsula
Secret Score: 4⃣ /10
Film length: 1hr 56min


"Speed Train 2: Infected Peninsula" is the sequel to "Speed Train". It describes four years after the zombie virus ravaged South Korea, which was in ruins. Jiang Dongyuan, his brother-in-law, and others who fled to Hong Kong four years ago returned to the Korean Peninsula for a secret mission. They met survivors Li Zhenxian, Li Rui, and others, and fought side by side against the zombies. corpses and the irrational Unit 631.

What kind of people are suitable to watch this movie?

👉You who can accept Corpse Train turning into an action movie
👉You who want to watch mindless movies (don’t pay too much attention to logic)
👉Want to watch the Asian version of You Are Furious

Personally, I think people who liked the first episode of "Speed Train" should not watch this one.

Three major lightning points: the zombies are collectively reduced to low energy, the movie has a different tone, and the onions are hard to play

Let me use three points to explain why I don't like "Speed Train: Infected Peninsula" this time. I think this one does have advantages, but let me explain it later.

Zombies collectively become imbecile

Compared with the first episode of "Speed Train", there are several settings here that made me feel uncomfortable all over, which caused me to have some mishaps during the rest of the movie.

The most important thing is that the sense of coercion brought by zombies is too different., in the first episode we were in a small train space, and I am afraid that the feeling of having nowhere to escape made us feel oppressed. I even remember that after watching the first episode of "Speed Train", after the lights were turned on, the floor was covered with scattered popcorn XD. It can be seen that the audience at that time was still frightened.

Although "Zombie Train: Infected Peninsula" is in an outdoor space, the zombies lose the sense of killing people in the first episode when they go outdoors.It has even become a "toy" to be played with by humans.,Every chase makes it clearer that the zombies are playing a very moronic role here.It was so different from the first episode that I was disappointed.

For example, the loud sound of a helicopter landing does not attract zombies. Instead, zombies flock to the villain? ? ? I know that humans will selectively ignore it, but I didn't know that zombies would also selectively ignore it.

And in the opening scene, every road on the street is clear, and there is even a road reserved in the middle for the protagonist and the others to enter safely. This shocked my logic hahaha.

The movie has a different tone

Continuing with the imbecility of zombies mentioned earlier, everyone wanted to go to the cinema to watch "Zombie Train: Infected Peninsula" with high expectations, but after entering, they found:"Huh? Am I watching an action movie?"Most of the whole movie is about driving into zombies and treating zombies as the protagonists in an amusement park. I felt like I was watching a video game in the zombie series.

Contrary to the zombies approaching in the first episode of "Dead Train" before, this time the second episode of "Dead Train: Infected Peninsula" wants to show that humans can regain the dominance and push the zombies back layer by layer. , use your superb driving skills to repel the zombies on each level (it’s really like a critical moment).

It is true that after four years, humans do have the ability to turn passivity into initiative, but continuing what was just mentioned above, being able to make zombies hairy, press them to the ground, and torture them is astonishing. But maybe this "Speed Train: Infected Peninsula" wants to bring out a different world view. This is the time for revenge. If so, it is a pity that it was not explained clearly at the beginning of the movie.

Onions hard put

As for the family relationship, I honestly wasn't moved at all. I understand that the director wants us to be moved at certain moments, and specially adds surging symphony and slow motion to tell us: Oh, this is the moment! However, this part drags on for too long. When we are not moved, we have to indulge in that situation at the same time, watching the slow-motion picture at a loss...


Although there are so many negative reviews mentioned above, I think "Zombie Train: Infected Peninsula" has set a new milestone for Asian zombie movies/action movies (?). Compared with the budget and exquisiteness of Hollywood blockbusters, It’s actually amazing that South Korea can achieve such an average level! It makes me look forward to more exciting movies being released in the future😆


From my point of view, Infected Peninsula was a huge disappointment. The main reason may be that we don't see any connection between this and "Speed Train", but the director said that there will be an opportunity to make one or two sequels in the future that will be based on the timeline between "Speed Train". For detailed information, you can click Check this out: There's a follow-up to "Speed Train" that may feature one or two episodes in between.

There is a huge gap between the two films. There is a certain gap in the world view, the strength of zombies, humans and why Unit 631 became like this. Perhaps after this series of albums appears, we can piece together the original appearance one after another, and we can naturally accept that the second episode will be like this.


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